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Tesla’s latest big unveiling isn’t a car or truck: It’s the battery tech that could power its future

SAN FRANCISCO — Tesla has focused on squeezing as much energy as possible out of its batteries, with industry-leading range figures that have bested its competitors by dozens of miles per charge. Now it has its sights set on a different goal: building batteries that cannot only beat rivals’ range — or how far their […]


Microsoft’s Azure Communication Services handles enterprise video, voice, and text communications

At Ignite 2020, Microsoft today announced a new communications offering called Azure Communication Services that’s built on top of Azure. Microsoft says it leverages the same network powering Microsoft Teams to enable developers to add multimodal messaging to apps and websites while tapping into services like Azure Cognitive Services for translation, sentiment analysis, and more. […]


Facebook, Instagram can soon actively search for — and block — stolen images

Facebook will soon protect images with the same technology the company already uses to automatically police protected music and videos. On Monday, September 21, Facebook launched Rights Manager for Images to limited Pages, a tool that allows photographers to upload their images to a database for Facebook’s bots to search for and remove protected content. […]


The best browsers for privacy

It’s difficult to stay anonymous online, and even if you regularly clear your cookies, advertising agencies, criminals, or even nosy friends can still end up with your private information. While browsers can’t protect you from every trap, some are better at helping you maintain your anonymity and surf the web securely. If you’re concerned about […]

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Digital equity program in Maryland adds Plume Wi-Fi to its Internet access

Enlarge / Seventy low-income and special needs units in this apartment complex will offer Plume-managed Wi-Fi. Michael Bennett Kress Photography Montgomery County, Maryland offers its low-income and special needs citizens Internet access via a 600-linear-mile fiber route as part of its Digital Equity program. In a new pilot project, the county will add onsite Wi-Fi—by […]