Prime Day arrives early for the shiny new Apple iPad 10.2 (2020)

Officially, Prime Day 2020 doesn’t land until October 13, but Amazon is famous for priming us for the big day by leaking out some awesome preview sales as it approaches. Some evidence dropped this morning, with the price of the iPad 10.2 on Amazon, at $ 30 off. That means you can get a new […]

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Oppo Find X2 Pro review: The sweet spot

Oppo Find X2 Pro “The Oppo Find X2 Pro is a gorgeous phone packed with cutting-edge hardware.” Stunning OLED screen Fast charging Versatile camera that takes great photos High performance SoC with 5G Expensive No wireless charging MSRP $ 1,300.00 How do you follow the Oppo Find X? It was ahead of its time in […]

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The best backdrop curtains for making your events — or yourself — stand out

When it comes to planning a party or hosting a big event, there can be a lot to consider. Beyond the food, entertainment, music, and drinks, you have to decorate and keep your guests engaged. One of the best ways to keep everyone entertained is with a fun backdrop curtain. Backdrop curtains act like any […]


The best camera binoculars to capture your far-away views for the memory books

It’s easy to look through binoculars and wish you could capture the stunning view you see. Luckily, camera binoculars were invented to extend those moments. Camera binoculars are essentially what they sound like. They are binoculars that can capture videos and pictures with the press of a button. You will love being able to take […]


The best neutral density filters for taking photographs in bright settings

With a neutral density filter (ND), you can take your camera out even when the sun is at its highest point. An ND filter limits the amount of light entering your lens, giving your device a chance to process more details without getting overwhelmed with light. We’ve researched the leading ND brands on the market […]