The RetroBeat: How Pokémon is celebrating its 25th anniversary

How to tap into India’s exploding gaming market Learn how developers and studios of every size can successfully grow their titles in one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. Download Now! All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Watch now. I’ve been a fan Pokémon for as long as it’s been […]


Check out Omega’s extraordinarily creative Olympics ad

Whether or not you’re planning to dive into the festival of sport that is the Tokyo Olympics, do take a moment to enjoy Omega’s wonderfully creative ad, titled Timekeeping and tradition: Omega meets Japan. The exquisite 60-second sequence (below) uses Imagine Dragons’ 2015 song Dream for the soundtrack cleverly combines elements of Japanese culture with […]


This amazing Milky Way image was taken on an iPhone

Astronomer and author Tom Kerss recently pointed his iPhone 12 Pro Max skyward to nail a wonderful shot (below) of the Milky Way. It’s the latest example of just how far smartphone camera technology has come in recent years. “We need to talk about the astrographic potential of modern smartphone cameras,” the London-based stargazer said […]


Selfie comes with a lightning bolt and hospitalization

Shav Bird/Creative Commons It’s the kind of selfie that you really wouldn’t want to take, but it has to be said that the resulting photo (below) is rather extraordinary. The bizarre incident occurred when siblings Rachel, Isobel, and Andrew Jobson decided to take a break while out cycling during a recent ride through south-west London, […]